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Septic System Maintenance – Key Factors that You Must Know

Septic System Maintenance – Key Factors that You Must Know

Life would turn topsy-turvy for you, if your household activities rely largely on your septic system and it suddenly breaks down. It may be drain blockage or a leak in the tank; but the consequences you have to bear are a mystery. You can neither do the dishes, nor shower or do the laundry. Thus, a non-performing septic system can bring your entire family and household to a standstill, which is why regular septic system maintenance is imperative.
Discussed in this post are some of the key factors that you can take note of in order to ensure smooth functioning of your septic system –

1. Keep the septic tank away from non-biodegradable materials – Baby diapers, paper towels, plastic bags, cat litter, cigarette butts and other such materials should not be flushed out from the toilet or drained down the pipe ever. Any negligence on your part, can lead to drain blockage and more damage to your septic system, thereby escalating the repair costs.

2. Do not drain off detergents into the septic system – The toxins present in detergents and other such chemicals can kill the good bacteria present in the septic tank that plays a crucial role in breaking down the solid wastes. If you continue to insert such harmful chemicals in the tank, the entire mechanism of the septic tank would fail.

3. Always hire a professional for septic system cleaning – In the U.S., it is very common to do majority of household tasks by the homeowners themselves. However, there are some things that should be left to the professionals only. Considering the toxic gases present in a septic tank and other factors, it is better for the septic owners to call up the professional septic contractors to pump out and clean the tank thoroughly using advanced tools and techniques.

4. Never leave a damaged septic tank unattended – If you have detected damage in the septic system like a leak or the wastewater flowing backwards, you should immediately call the professionals as these may be the first signs of damage. Timely repairs can save your septic system and the possibility of a replacement, which can cost you a lot more than you would want to spend.

5. Sign up a periodic maintenance program with a reliable septic contractor – The best way to keep your septic system up and running is to sign up a reliable and licensed septic contractor for period septic system maintenance program. This service would ensure that after every few months or years, the technicians would monitor the system and repair the damages, if any.

Dura Drain is one of the most reliable septic contractors in Florida, offering a complete range of septic services including installations, repairs and maintenance. We offer 24-hour emergency repairs in a fast and reliable manner.

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